The largest convention of Muslims in Australia has come to an end

The largest convention of Muslims in Australia has come to an end

The largest two-day convention in the history of Muslims in Australia ended at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday night with chants of Allah and Akbar and the announcement that an even bigger convention would be held every year in the future and for the next year at this location. is already booked.

This was announced by Muhammad Rais Khan, the president of Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM), the country’s largest organization that organized the convention, amid loud shouts of Allahu Akbar and applause.

More than 5000 Muslims participated in this convention, including children, youth, women, gentlemen and the elderly

Rais Khan thanked Allah Almighty for the success of this Efam convention beyond expectations and said that this convention could never have been a success if not for His grace.

He described the youth team of EFAM who worked day and night for the past six months as heroes and said that the leadership of EFAM, Shura and these workers worked day and night for the sake of Allah Ta’ala without any greed or ambition. did the work

He said that this first successful convention, God willing, will become a milestone in the unity of Muslims of different colors, races and languages in Australia and their leadership role in the Australian society and the promotion of Islam here and the future generation. It will determine the important character in education and training.

In this convention, the political and religious leadership of the Muslims of this country participated fully and assured their full support to Efam.

The Grand Mufti of Australia Ibrahim and President of the National Imam of Australia Imams Shadi Al Sulaiman were present in the convention on both days and expressed their views in various programs and expressed their full cooperation and solidarity with IFAM.

Dr. Yasir Qazi, a major American scholar, called it the biggest convention of Muslims in the history of Australia and said that it will be a beacon of light for their future generations to succeed and promote Islam in Australia.

He expected that IFAM would organize such a convention every year and the number of participants would double every year.

He said that he will continue to come here in the future as well and will provide all possible support in the convention.

President of America Dr. Mohsin Ansari termed it as a historic convention for Muslims in Australia and said that it has given new determination and courage to the young generation of Muslims here and has increased their faith.

He expressed the hope that EFAM would organize such a convention not only in Sydney but in all major cities of Australia.

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