New War on the Horizon for Palestine and Israel

New War on the Horizon for Palestine and Israel

A new war broke out between Palestine and Israel, thousands of rocket attacks were launched from Gaza to Israel.

According to the Israeli authorities, 4 people including a woman were killed in the attacks.

War sirens echoed across Israel, including Tel Aviv, after rocket attacks from Gaza.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense claims that the militants have infiltrated into Israeli territories from Gaza.

On the other hand, Hamas claims that 5,000 rockets have been fired at Israel, which have hit many Israeli areas.

“We have decided to say ‘enough is enough,'” says Hamas leader Mohammad Daif.

According to the Arab media, the Israeli army has issued a war alert, the Israeli defense minister has ordered to call for additional troops.

An emergency meeting is underway at the military headquarters under the chairmanship of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

It should be noted that Israel has been besieging Gaza since 2007.


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