Entirely of anime characters

Entirely of anime characters

Made up entirely of anime characters, there are no princesses in DISIA:

Entirely anime characters THE MOVIE (ABSURD); instead, there are warriors of the dark. You can consider this a slightly bloodier version of the American cartoon adventure cartoon Wild Japan with some epic swordfights. Created by BEMTO from the manga of the same name by Hiroyuki Saeki and Yasutomo Miyazaki, it is much more focused on realism than a show like Sailor Moon.

Rather than a fantastical young woman of great power and noble purpose, DISIA: THE MOVIE focuses on a female samurai of noble intent.

She has been tasked with traveling through various mythical realms and dealing with monsters, monsters, monsters. This show is full of beautiful and fluid animation that is rich in details, detailing the grandeur and beauty of every region, landscape, and creature encountered.

The visuals are further complimented by the superb, eerie soundtrack; the fighting sequences are scary, riveting, and exhilarating. While the series does take on more of a generic anime narrative, the animation is still meticulously created to the highest standard, and the set pieces and fight scenes are nothing short of epic.

The opening episode of DISIA:

THE MOVIE also shows the ease with which animation can be made by cutting and pasting images created in Japan. Showing us some of the most fantastic fantasy and mythical landscapes and creatures, DISIA is a journey of transformation and bravery; it is beautiful and unsettling at the same time.

It is an anime that screams out from the screen; it contains the tales of a princess on her way to avenge her lover, of warriors of darkness on their quest to find a princess, of dark beings and beasts of darkness that move in darkness. DISIA: THE MOVIE is anime of the highest order.

The Disney Channel is back with one of its greatest anime productions yet:

Entirely anime characters  DISIA: THE MOVIE, which is available now on the Disney Channel App and Disney XD.



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