Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights: A Closer Look at Seth Meyers’ Satirical Take on the Trump Administration

Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights: A Closer Look at Seth Meyers’ Satirical Take on the Trump Administration

In the world of late-night television, Seth Meyers has emerged as one of the most prominent voices of political satire. As the host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” he has made a name for himself by taking on the Trump administration with biting humor and incisive commentary. One of his most popular segments is “A Closer Look,” in which he delves into a particular issue or event and dissects it with a mix of wit and insight. In this article, we will take a closer look at Meyers’ “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights” segment, which aired on June 2, 2021.

The Rise and Fall of Rudy Giuliani

The first topic that Meyers tackled in this segment was the downfall of Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and one-time personal attorney to Donald Trump. Meyers began by highlighting Giuliani’s recent legal troubles, including the FBI raid on his home and office, and his suspension from practicing law in New York. He then went on to play a clip of Giuliani’s bizarre appearance on Fox News, in which he claimed that the FBI had ignored evidence of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Meyers used this clip as a jumping-off point to explore Giuliani’s long history of unethical behavior, including his role in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump’s first impeachment. He also pointed out the irony of Giuliani’s current situation, given that he was once known as a tough-on-crime prosecutor who made his name by going after organized crime figures.

The Cult of Trump

The second topic that Meyers addressed in this segment was the ongoing loyalty of Trump’s supporters, despite all of the scandals and controversies that have surrounded him. Meyers began by playing a clip of a Trump supporter who had attended a recent rally in Ohio, in which she declared that she would “follow Trump to the ends of the earth.”

Meyers used this clip to illustrate the cult-like devotion that many Trump supporters have for the former president, and he went on to explore the reasons behind this phenomenon. He pointed out that Trump had tapped into a deep sense of resentment and anger among his supporters, and that he had used fear-mongering and conspiracy theories to keep them loyal.

Meyers also highlighted the role that right-wing media outlets like Fox News had played in fueling this loyalty, by promoting Trump’s lies and demonizing his opponents. He argued that this dynamic had created a dangerous feedback loop, in which Trump’s base became increasingly radicalized and detached from reality.

The Republican Party’s Hypocrisy

The third topic that Meyers tackled in this segment was the hypocrisy of the Republican Party, which he argued had abandoned its principles in order to embrace Trumpism. Meyers began by playing a clip of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, in which he claimed that the GOP was focused on “policy, not personality.”

Meyers used this clip to highlight the absurdity of McConnell’s claim, given that the Republican Party had spent the last four years enabling Trump’s worst impulses and defending his most indefensible actions. He pointed out that the GOP had abandoned its traditional conservative values, such as fiscal responsibility and limited government, in order to embrace Trump’s populist nationalism.

Meyers also criticized the GOP for its ongoing efforts to suppress voting rights and undermine democracy, which he argued were motivated by a desire to maintain power at all costs. He called on Republicans to reject Trumpism and return to their roots as a party of ideas and principles.

The Legacy of Trumpism

The final topic that Meyers addressed in this segment was the legacy of Trumpism, and the challenges that it poses for the future of American democracy. Meyers began by playing a clip of Trump’s recent speech at a Republican convention in North Carolina, in which he repeated his false claims of election fraud and hinted at a possible return to politics.

Meyers used this clip to argue that Trumpism was not just a passing fad, but a dangerous and enduring threat to American democracy. He pointed out that Trump had succeeded in transforming the Republican Party into a vehicle for his own personal ambitions, and that his followers remained loyal to him even after he had left office.

Meyers also highlighted the role that social media had played in amplifying Trump’s message and spreading disinformation, and he called on tech companies to take more responsibility for the content that they allowed on their platforms. He argued that the only way to defeat Trumpism was to confront it head-on, and to fight for the values of truth, justice, and democracy that are at the heart of American society.


In “Bad Trump-Adjacent Delights,” Seth Meyers once again demonstrated his skill as a political satirist and commentator. Through his incisive analysis and biting humor, he shed light on some of the most pressing issues facing American society today, from the cult of Trump to the legacy of Trumpism. While his commentary may be controversial at times, there is no denying that Meyers has become an important voice in the national conversation about politics and culture. As we continue to navigate the challenges of the post-Trump era, we can be sure that Meyers will be there to offer his unique perspective and insight.


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